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​Cambridge MA

Artfields 2017

Lake City, South Carolina

Mary Ellen Judge

The Sisterhood Project

     The Sisterhood Project is my own rendition of the feminine grotesque. This work is an ongoing and ever changing project that requires collaboration from all types of women.  The main idea for this project was to create a social bond and dialogue amongst women concerning what society deems disgusting. In this case, pubic hair was the focus. I asked women, mostly my friends, if they would donate their pubic hair.  I put each donation in a small glass jar and encased it in epoxy much like a science specimen.  Each jar is labeled with the their first name, or alias name if preferred, age, ethnicity and personal identification number.  In return, participants become a sister and I mail them a certificate that links them to their donation.  

   This project was a challenge for many reasons. First, it was difficult to explain the concept behind contemporary art to my non-art friends. Second, many of these women have been conditioned to not discuss such topics as pubic hair, much less allow it to be part of an art project for the public. Finally, it was problematic to obtain their pubic hair once they agreed to donate it.

    I titled the project The Sisterhood Project because it symbolizes a support circle created by a woman for women. These women recognize that as women, our greatest resources are each other. There is a bond that goes beyond blood relations. We have shared experiences, which connects us together like no other. The Sisterhood Project will be hung on a wall according to each sister’s age using an invisible graph as a guide.

Sisterhood is the fundamental component to empowerment, social change and freedom.  Each jar represents a woman that is worthy of being seen, heard, accepted and loved.

     If you would like to participate in The Sisterhood Project, please contact me